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Governors' News & Events

Governing Body Forum and Meeting Tuesday October 6th
09 Oct 2015


Governing Body Forum and Meeting Tuesday October 6th

09 Oct 2015

Thank you all for your contribution to the Full Governing Body Meeting. It was a really productive meeting with a clear focus on teaching, learning and school improvement. At the meeting we touched on a number of issues discussed at the Governing Body Forum prior to the meeting, which included:

Feedback from Coffee Mornings

All well attended. Individual class meetings were held for Year 3. Whole Year Group Meetings for 45 &6. New Homework diaries were well received. No concerns or worries expressed. Following coffee parents had the opportunity to visit their children in class. Year 3 parents heard their first public performance of the school song!

Life After Levels
We will no longer be reporting levels to parents at the end of Key Stage 2. Levels will be replaced by a scaled score. In short, a child's raw score eg 22/50 will be converted to a scaled score with 100 representing the national average. A score above 100 will be above expectations. There will be no Level 6 equivalent test.Raw scores will not be reported to parents, but will be sent to secondary schools as a baseline assesment.

It was noted that the bar has been raised in all subjects and in all year groups. This is particularly noticeable in maths and writing. 

Our Autumn term data drop will not take place until the end of November as we implement a new tracking system. Data will reflect the progress are making towards the end of year expectations. Emerging/Developing/Secure/Mastering.

We have adopted the Symphony Assessment Framework together with 18 Havering Schools. Three meetings have been held this term together with cross school moderation with partners schools. Year 3 went to Harold Wood, Year 4 to Elm Park, Year 5 to Hacton and Year 6 met  here

Academy Status
The pros/cons of becoming an academy was discussed. Vicky and Tina shared their experience of being a governor of an academy.
It was noted that the only primary school that has chosen to become an academy is Upminster Junior. Pinewood and Brookside are forced academies as a result of poor Ofsted inspections. JM to arrange a meeting with HT and Chair of Governors of Upminster Junior to discuss their experience as an academy and report back to governors.

Learning Walk
There was no specific focus for the Learning Walk. Governors visited all year groups commenting on the purposeful learning environment, the children's enthusiasm and willingness to discuss their learning. Activities taking place included:
  • Outdoor PE
  • Swimming
  • Music
  • Mathematics
  • Computing
  • Geography
  • Music
The next forum is planned for Thursday 4th February at 1.15pm
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