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Carnival Time

Halle Cedar Class - 19 Jan 2018

Inspired by our Year 5 Brazilian Workshop, Halle wrote a poem about Carnival Time in Brazil. The poem is featured in this week’s Ardleigh Green News Update and is read by the poet herself.

We hope you enjoy the poem as much as we did.
Well done Halle.

Carnival Time!

Bright lights shine, on come the cast.
The chatting stops, people gasp!
Amazing sights before your eyes,
Beautiful colours fill the sky.

Sky, sky, sky.
The booming music fills the air,
People walking by stop and glare.
Everyone sways to the beat,
The crowd edging forward on their seat.

Seat, seat, seat.
Nobody’s nervous anymore,
Dancers smile, floats soar.
Children laugh as the music gets louder,
Suddenly there’s smoke and colourful powder.

Powder, powder, powder.
Grins spread on everyone’s face,
A great experience, an amazing place!
So wonderful, a fantastic time,
Swaying dancers in a line.

Line, line, line.
The music gets slower, it’s about to end,
People think of postcards they’re about to send.
Please do not worry, do not fear,
The carnival will be just as great next year.
Year, year, year
Cedar Class


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