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Carnival Time

Lucien from Cedar Class - 29 Jan 2018




There’s music in the air,     
There’s sound everywhere.
What’s happening?
A carnival!
Cheering crowds, smiles on faces,
Music and celebrations in all places.
A carnival has begun.
Dances and drumming, Music and humming,
Joyful children, shouting, running,
 Everything is beautifully stunning.
A carnival has begun.
Dancers dancing, singing, swaying,
Music, themes and songs playing.
Wondrous displays, everyone’s staying.
A carnival has begun.
Crash, bang, boom,
Wallop, twang, zoom!
Dancing, prancing,
Moving freelancing.
A carnival is happening!
Woosh, “Woah! Wow!”
 Zip, swish, kapow!
Booming, zooming, night is loominh.
A carnival is happening!
Day is turning to night,
Now displays have a dazzling light.
Things are still looking bright
A carnival is happening!
A long time has past,
Things are still going on.
Display after display after display,
And so on.
Samba dance is all around,
Cheering crowds are roaring aloud.
Vibrant colours, dancers are proud,
Hear that wild Brazilian sound!
The displays are coming to an end,
“Maybe next year my friend,
We still have time to spend.”
Everyone’s chatting, screaming, wailing.
The brilliant lights are flickering, failing.
And people start to leave,
As the carnival has ended.

Cedar Class

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