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In The News This Week. (Week Commencing Monday 14th January

15 Jan 2019

What’s going on this week?




Britain is set to leave the EU on the 29th March this year following the referendum in June 2016. This week, over two hundred Members of Parliament have signed a letter to the Prime Minister asking her to rule out a no-deal Brexit, to try to protect jobs and manufacturing. A no-deal Brexit means the UK would leave the European Union immediately on 29 March 2019, and there would be no agreements in place about what their relationship would be like in future.


Why do we have referendums?

A referendum is a general vote by the public on a single question, which has been passed on to them for a direct decision. Why do we think leaders may decide to hold a referendum?
Interestingly, a referendum isn’t legally binding, so if they didn’t want to, the leaders don’t have to automatically follow through with the outcome. If they chose to ignore the outcome of the vote, do you think that this would be fair? Why?

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