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Mr M's Word of The Day Friday18th January.

18 Jan 2019

"Words unlock the doors to a world of understanding."

Good Luck and remember, "A word a day will keep Mr M away!"

Today the word and explanation comes from Daniel from Willow Class in Year 6. A hard word Year 3 but I know you will be able to read and understand it. I'm really impressed by how many synonyms Daniel has found and the range of vocabulary in the example sentence he has written.
I shall be checking his writing to see how many he has used in his writing in class.

See you late Daniel!


Friday 18th January  attributes 

A quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something.

Showing compassion to our fellow human beings is one of the most precious attributes you can have.

Word Class:   NOUN

    element, trait,aspect,quality, feature.
Antonym:    discredit

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