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18 Jan 2019

Writing inspired by reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Task:  Take an original piece of a text from Macbeth and try to improve it through using synonyms and adjectives.

The children started with the same short piece of text. They interpreted the text, discussed Shakespeare’s use of vocabulary and used the text as a basis for their own writing. The children were asked to experiment with the use of adjectives and synonyms to engage the reader.

The Witches

As lightning crashed and the transparent raindrops fell like shooting stars, one of the eerie wicked witches raised her lengthy carrot like nose into the damp misty air. The wicked witch twitched her nose and sniffed violently like a violent bull.

 All of a sudden the first witch cackled, “He will behave very soon my fellow witches!” Soon enough, the second ghostly witch stroked her long matted tuft of hair which grew from the tip of her pale white chin. She grinned evilly showing her disgusting old yellow teeth.
 “I hear the sound of trotting hooves my sisters,” exclaimed the eerie wicked witch in a loud, screechy voice.

Florence      Aspen Class

The Witches

The terrifying lightning crashed loudly as the glistening transparent raindrops fell like shooting stars from the heavens above. One of the ghastly, ghostly witches raised her crooked, lengthy carrot like nose into the cold, murky misty night air. The wicked, evil witch sniffed violently like an angry animal searching for the sweet scent of its prey.

All of a sudden, the wicked witch croaked, coughed and cackled, “ He will be here very soon, my fellow witches, very soon!” Soon enough, the second eerie witch carefully tugged and tickled the long, hairy, grey tuft of hair that grew on the end  of her nobly chin. She grinned with a terrifying evil smile showing her yellow decaying teeth.
“I hear the sound of shiny, silver hooves trotting in the moonlight sky sisters,” whispered the witch under her breath.

Poppy      Aspen Class
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