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Teaching & Learning

As a school community we are committed to "Working together, Learning Together and Growing Together,” in order for us all to be equipped to be lifelong learners in the technological age in which we live.

Our teaching focuses on our children developing a thirst for knowledge and understanding, through the teaching and development of key learning skills.These skills underpin teaching and learning and are designed to equip our children to be resourceful, resilient, reflective and responsible learners.
The 5 R's of Learning

Learning is an innate ability in all of us, just like running. In the same way that we can learn to become faster runners we can also learn to become better learners. The 5 R's of learning are behaviours that can be isolated, practices and improved. By focussing on and improving individual learning behaviours, the learners can learn more effectively.

Readiness: Being prepared to learn, ask questions and adapt to new learning situations.

Resilience: Sticking at tasks even when they become difficult and using a range of strategies to overcome a problem.

Resourcefulness: Being ready, willing and able to learn in different ways. Being prepared to take risks even if there is a possibility of failure.

Reflectiveness: Being able to think and talk about what has been learnt and how it has been learnt.

Responsibility: Being prepared to work individually and within a group understanding personal targets and how to achieve them.

Staff promote the development of learning behaviours through:

Explaining: What they value and discuss with their children.

Commenting: How they talk to children about their learning and achievements.

Orchestrating: The activities they select.

Modelling: What they themselves model about learning.

Staff support and encourage children to be able independently to:

-Know what's worth learning

-Know what they are good at learning

-Know who they can help

-Know the best learning tool for the job

 Curriculum Statement September 2021-  

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