Year 5

PE Information

Physical Education at Ardleigh Green Junior School aims to embed physical activity in all our children to help them overcome the challenges of modern life and unlock their potential. We want to provide sport and physical activity as a tool for all our children to use as a transformative power to allow them to overcome challenges and set them up for a happy and healthy future. PE builds skills that can be used across all subjects and teaches more than just the rules or techniques of sports, it develops resilience, communication and respect which are all values that need to be adopted in later life. We want to engage all our children in this mentality and way of thinking.  At Ardleigh Green your child will have two PE lessons each week, both taught by our In House Sports Coaches.  One of the sessions, short PE,  will focus on key skills.  For PE children will need to come in wearing School PE kit and trainers with no jewellery. On their short PE day they will need to wear school uniform with trainers and again, no jewellery, please. Any long hair should be tied back.  Your child’s PE day will be communicated to you via DOJO.


Year 5 Homework Expectations

Homework will be set online and will be assigned on Friday and will be expected to be completed before the following Friday. If you do not have access to the internet or suitable devices to complete the homework at home, other arrangements will be made so that the children can complete their homework in school. Please speak to the teacher prior to the date that the homework is due if there are any problems. Please note, if homework is incomplete and there is not a valid reason, the child will need to complete their homework in their own time during school hours.