Online Safety

Nowadays, we are using the internet like never before! We use it in school, for home learning, at home to play games, to communicate and to share information. The internet is brilliant and has changed the way in which the world works – for the better!

However, unless we learn to stay SHARP, ALERT, SECURE, KIND & BRAVE when using the internet, problems can come up that can make us feel sad or worried. 

If you are ever WORRIED or UPSET about anything that happens online, please make sure to find an adult you trust – whether at home or in school – and share your concerns. You can also REPORT anything that doesn’t seem right.

For more information on any of these areas, click the following links:

Tools & Resources for children & young people

The following fact sheets have been produced by the UK Safer Internet Centre to help parents understand more about the technology many of  our children already use.