Vision and Values

Imagine an Adventure Park for the mind that keeps on growing and improving. The park belongs to a community of people who are responsible, caring, considerate and committed to learning.

Notice how adults and children respect and value each other and how well they work together as a team. Notice how they relate positively with one another through their work, the problems they solve together and the hopes and dreams they have for the future. Marvel at the music, drama and artwork on display and be amazed by the talents of adults and children as they are encouraged to develop their abilities and achieve their personal best.

Feel the calm, purposeful atmosphere of the park and smile as you hear the children, happy and confident as they play, learn and achieve together. Notice the high expectations, the fun, the laughter, the high standards of work and behaviour. Notice the awards received the special events and celebrations of achievement and the appreciation of visitors and the general public. Notice too the infectious enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of adults and children who are proud to be associated with the Adventure Park.

This is Ardleigh Green Junior School! An Adventure Park for the mind, with staff, children, parents and governors, Working Together, Learning Together and Growing Together as lifelong learners.

Admission is free, opening hours are 8.00am to 6.00pm Mondays to Fridays, with special evening and weekend events throughout the year. Activities take place throughout term time but the lessons learnt, the friends made, and the memories created last a lifetime.

OFSTED found this vision to be a reality – we hope you do too.

Ardleigh Green Junior School is an outstanding school. Very effective teaching and an excellent curriculum ensure that pupils of all abilities and needs are well motivated to learn and make very good progress. Pupils’ achievement is outstanding and builds on their above average attainment on entry to reach standards by Year 6 which are exceptionally high.


At Ardleigh Green Junior School we value every individual and the contribution they have to make to our school community.  Our aim is for staff and children to reach their full potential within a caring, supportive and stimulating environment, characterised by excellence, enjoyment and high quality teaching and learning.

In order to achieve this, we aim to:

  • Promote excellence, enjoyment and high achievement across the curriculum.
  • Create a happy, stimulating and challenging learning environment which provides equal opportunities for all children.
  • Develop the intellectual and physical potential of every child.
  • Ensure every child is literate and numerate with a high level of computing capability.
  • Develop spiritual, moral, social and cultural values.
  • Maintain a school ethos based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.
  •  Fully involve parents and carers in their children’s education.
  • Prepare our children to be responsible citizens in a multi-cultural society through embracing the fundamental British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Understanding of different faiths and beliefs.
  • Maintain a high quality staff team who are valued and work collaboratively for the good of our children.
  • Develop and promote Ardleigh Green Junior School as a centre of excellence.

As a school we recognise that our aims and values can only be achieved through parents, children, staff and governors, working and learning together as partners in our children’s Learning Journey. Learning together and Growing together.”

Our Vision

“Working Together and Learning Together; Everyone Grows.”

Working Together

This involves maintaining a Learning Climate based on high expectations, trust, respect and mutual understanding, ensuring our vision and values permeate the life of our school.

Learning Together

This involves maintaining a Learning Culture that builds on the past, learns from the present and embraces the future, ensuring that teaching and learning continues to be characterised by high expectations and excellence and enjoyment.

Everyone Grows

This involves maintaining a Learning Ethos where high expectations, positive relationships, together with appropriate support and encouragement, ensures that pupils and staff achieve their full potential.

Our vision and aims are based on four core values which permeate the life of our school.

Our Values

Excellence, Enjoyment, Respect, Equality

 At Ardleigh Green Junior School we believe in developing our children’s learning potential so that they become resilient, resourceful, respectful, responsible and reflective learners who are confident to take risks and who develop strong positive relationships to support their own learning. Our vision, aims and values seek to develop, caring, considerate and conscientious learners who seek to achieve their personal best in whatever they do. As a school we are passionate about teaching and learning, committed to children achieving their full potential and determined to provide innovative and inspirational learning opportunities for all our children.We want all our children to be the “Best that they can be.”

At Ardleigh Green we believe in nurturing the talents and abilities of every child through providing a stimulating learning environment in which our children are motivated to fulfil their academic, sporting and artistic potential. Our children are not educated to simply pass exams but to enjoy the adventure of learning. We believe in traditional values reinvented for the digital age and aim to ensure that our pupils leave school well prepared for the increasingly complex challenges of the technological world in which we live. 

As a learning community we recognise the importance of giving our children the necessary knowledge skills and understanding to equip them for life in the technological world in which they live. We believe in traditional values re-invented for the digital age and the importance of  teaching our children how to learn so that they might become:

  • Fit for life
  • Inspired to learn
  • Ready to participate
  • Safe and secure
  • Trained for work and play

In short we want our all our children to be the best that they can be!