At Ardleigh Green Junior School, we have built an engaging geography curriculum that develops both knowledge and skills specified in the National Curriculum. We believe that through the teaching of geography, it can spark a curiosity about the world and our children are encouraged to develop a greater understanding of their place within it. 

Our Geographers

Knowledge – Ardleigh Green pupils will develop excellent locational knowledge and place knowledge through the study of the world’s countries as well as a deep understanding of key aspects of human and physical geography. 

Skills – Ardleigh Green pupils will learn a variety of geographical skills which will include mapping, compass work and grid referencing. Additionally, skills such as observing, measuring, recording and presenting will be developed through fieldwork. 


To share and celebrate our learning experiences at Ardleigh Green, we update our Twitter page regularly for our local community to engage with. Follow the hashtag #aglfgeography for the latest updates. 

The Knowledge

Ardleigh Green’s knowledge organisers depict the essential curriculum content needed for each geography unit. These are studied at the beginning of each unit, and throughout, to elicit discussions and aid understanding.

Curriculum Planning

At Ardleigh Green, we ensure that there are opportunities for children of all abilities to develop their skills and knowledge in each geography unit with built in planned progression so that pupils are increasingly challenged as they move along their learning journey.