Religious Education

Our Theologians

Knowledge: At Ardleigh Green, we aim to use Religious Education to enable pupils to explore, come to, or develop their own beliefs, ideas, moral codes and attitudes while respecting the right of other people to hold beliefs different from their own. We believe that all children have the right to be heard and  respected no matter what they believe and that everyone should be included in this quest for finding the answer to life’s ultimate questions.

Skills: Our pupils will get the chance to respond and have the chance to ask questions to enable the development of their own values and identities. In addition, they get to research and investigate further to answer any questions they have about the faith they have been learning. This is to enhance and further their own understanding. 

Experiences: At Ardleigh Green, the children visit different places of worship. In addition, all children participate in dance workshops for Diwali and across the school we participate in extra activities for festivals across different religions. 


To engage our school community, we share and celebrate Ardleigh learning experiences on our school Twitter (X) page. 

Curriculum Planning

The curriculum planning at Ardleigh Green Junior school develops children’s understanding from knowledge and skills they have learnt on previous years in the Ardleigh Green learning journey. This helps children have a deeper understanding and retain more knowledge.